Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program

The Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program allows you to build tailored cloud solutions for customers with products and services such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Windows. 

Seize the CSP opportunity

The Cloud Solution Provider program helps you go beyond reselling licenses to being more involved in your customer’s business.

Deeper engagement

Get an insider’s view of their business and uncover new sales opportunities.

Increased profitability

When you offer support and billing services, you open new revenue streams.

Added value

You can bundle solutions with our industry-leading products.

Managed services

As the cloud market continues to soar, you’ll be well positioned to meet customer demand for managed services.


CSP fits your business

It all comes down to where you want to invest your resources, and who will provide necessary services to your customers.

Own the end-to-end customer relationship and get on the path to providing managed services with CSP.

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February 14 2018 03:09:05 AM

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